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Workplace Spanish, Inc. develops and publishes job-specific Spanish and English learning tools that result in improved communication, teamwork & productivity. Our materials are non-academic, well-organized and very easy-to-use.

Designed for language newcomers who need to communicate in a brief, basic way.  Users can choose to learn what is important to them rather than having to learn "the whole language."   There is no grammar or nor complex rules to memorize.  Prior Spanish training is not necessary.

More than 100,000 people in business & industry, government, health care and education have trusted Workplace Spanish® for their first round of language learning.  We're proud that over 400 colleges & schools have used our materials for workforce training & continuing education.

We're Different – Here's Why

Our objective is to help you become an effective Spanish communicator in specific workplace occupation rather than a fluent Spanish speaker.

Our materials are very easy to use will have you speaking Spanish right away -- no need to wait for weeks to say something meaningful.  Even our audio CDs are different -- using both a native speaker and a phonetic American speaker -- so newcomers to Spanish don't have to struggle trying to replicate the exact sounds of a native Spanish speaker.   Try a sample!

Company Background

Founded in 1998 as a travel language company, on the premise that foreign language learning was much more difficult than necessary, we developed a simplified, no grammar, easy-pronunciation, series of language pocket cards for travelers in 10 languages.

In 2000 we recognized that foreign language simplicity would best be served by focusing on Spanish - especially in the workplace thus "Workplace Spanish".  We have grown to be the country's most popular brand of job-related language materials. Well over 100,000 people in 47 states have used our materials to achieve basic Spanish and English communication skills.

We are very proud of our growth and the needs that we meet, we continue to look for new ways to enable better communication, teamwork & efficiency in today's workplace.

The Workplace Spanish® Team

Workplace Spanish® has a highly skilled group of teachers, certified translators, program developers and cultural experts from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile and of course, the United States. Our associates are selected not only for their language skills, but also for their energy, enthusiasm and customer service dedication. Meet some of our outstanding people:

Tom Sutula -- President & CEO - Tom is the founder of the company; his business background includes senior positions in retailing and marketing.  He also served as VP - Marketing for Hitachi Home Electronics and as COO of Shop at Home, Inc.  He draws on broad experience in general management, operations, marketing, manufacturing, sales, vendor relationships, human resources and training.

Susan Wall -- Director of Operations - Susie has brought us a wealth of financial and operational talent. She has served as Controller & Process Improvement Manager for SchlumbergerSema and as Senior Accountant for National Data Corporation. She has made major improvements in our ordering processing, website structure, and inventory systems.  She is the alter ego to Tom.

Lanie Bevan -- Business Development & Instructor - Lanie works with us when she is not in her Realtor role. She has taught many types of classes especially in the government arena where she has taught for the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County among others. She developed our Real Estate teaching outline, the outline for our Click It® "Intro Course" and is our key trade show representative.

Claudia Diaz Kukucka -- Director of Programs - Claudia is a native of Colombia and a certified translator and interpreter. She has considerable business experience, especially in the sales and marketing area. Claudia has taught Human Resources, Construction, Customer Service, Government, Manufacturing and Sales programs, and has upgraded our programs by developing practice conversations for our training manuals. You will hear her voice on many of our CD's.  She is also a translator for the CDC.

Cecilia Santamarina -- Instructor - Cecilia is a native of Argentina and a certified translator and interpreter. She is a Vice President of the Atlanta Association of Interpreters & Translators and actively serves on their board.  Cecilia was instrumental in the development of our health care program and has taught supervisor classes for Georgia Power Company, travel Spanish for CIENA Corporation as well as home improvement classes for The Home Depot, and classes for teachers with Easter Seals.

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