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Communicating with Hispanic employees, customers, citizens or patients is important. 
Tips for Productive Spanish Training

Workplace Spanish, Inc. has trained over 3,000 people in the basics of effective Spanish communication – including manufacturers, nurses, bankers, CSRs, sales personnel, law enforcement officers, EMT's, government associates, construction supervisors and many more.  

We are selected because we teach relevant, meaningful Spanish in an interesting and interactive way to help you meet your business communication goals. 
Our training uses lots of repetition, drills, role-play, practice conversations, and work-related games that get everyone involved. 

Why Choose Workplace Spanish® Training?

1. Our training produces results.  No dull, boring classes here. Our training is energetic and interactive.  We customize for each client and design the training to achieve the results you expect, whether that is issuing clear job instructions to Spanish-speaking associates or ensuring that English-speakers know how to greet and help Hispanic customers.

2. Job-relevant Spanish. We go beyond "conversational Spanish" -- focusing on important workplace expressions that improve teamwork, service and productivity.  Associates have greater interest and learn more quickly when the training is relevant to their job. 

3. Experience & Customer Satisfaction.  We are located in metro Atlanta and specialize in group training for companies and government agencies.  We do not offer open enrollment classes.  Customers include The Home Depot, City of Atlanta, Georgia Power, Lowe's, City of Alpharetta, Atlanta Home Builders Assoc., and many more.

4. Programs available nationwide.  Over 400 colleges & schools have taught our programs across the country.  Take a minute to review our customer list and the colleges & schools who teach our programs.

No Time or Budget for Training Classes?

1. ORGANIZATIONS - if you don't have the time or budget for classes, we suggest using our Click It® programs which can be licensed for use on your network for use by associates who need to communicate with Spanish-speakers.  Associates can simply search - click - repeat.

We have developed a 4-hour "Intro to Workplace Spanish® course" using Click It® as the primary learning tool.  An instructor, or an internal bilingual associate, can easily facilitate this type of focused learning.  Download the "Intro Course" outline

2. SELF-STUDY FOR INDIVIDUALS - Purchase the appropriate Workplace Spanish® Learning Kit. This will provide you with a written manual for reading and studying, an audio CD for listening in car or truck, and a Click It® CD-ROM for computer use.  See our FAQs for self-study tips.

Contact us to discuss your needs: (770) 993-4075 or e-mail to:

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