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Customer Comments & Testimonials

Ohio Students use Workplace Spanish® to aid crash victims.  Read the article

- "The manual and CD exceeded our expectations . . . I would absolutely recommend your company to colleagues.  I was very happy with the service I received.  I wish all vendors I dealt with were the same caliber as the customer support I received from your company. 
Capt. Jon Haugen / Churchill County (NV) Sheriff's Dept  

- The materials are very good and the CD is a great tool, the class is using them in their autos and even their children are listening.  Your service was prompt and efficient.   I would recommend these classes and workbooks to others, unless they are my direct competitors.
J. Landgraf - Peru Federal Savings Bank (IL)

- The local meatpacking plant and I continue to be very satisfied with the Workplace Spanish - Manufacturing manual that we are using.  Also, the local hospital and I are also finding the Workplace Spanish - Health Care manual very effective.
H. Weller - Weller Language Services (MI)

- We have been very pleased to offer Workplace Spanish to our staff…As far as the new book (Hospitals & Nurses), I think it is great.  It is much more comprehensive.  The additional sections geared to specific medical fields is what makes it better than the first book.  I’m looking forward to having the next class where we have hands on medical personnel, like nurses, and even doctors, and ER personnel learning Spanish and taking the book home with them.  That is going to be of great help to them.
J. Davis - Covenant Health System - Knoxville (TN)

- It was very industry specific (banking) and very user-friendly. Would I recommend it to my colleagues? YES.  YES.  YES.
B. Piper - Sterling Savings Bank (PA)

- I like it and have already used some of the information for my staff in Labor and delivery and postpartum.
J. Gibbs - Norton Health System (KY)

- I have already found it very helpful for looking up key statements I need in my daily job, working in a largely Hispanic school…I feel the price was very reasonable & the product quite thorough…I’ve already recommended to co-workers.
J. Fugere - Louisville, CO

- We have placed several orders with you already in the past & have been very pleased. Thank you & keep up the great work. Customer service is very helpful & your website is very easy to navigate.
D.Grant – Middlesex College (NJ)

- Thanks for the follow up.  I love the CD and book – just the phrases I need, exact and to the point.  Coming from a Hispanic background, I just needed to brush up on the real estate terminology and it was exactly what I needed.  I have already recommended you to someone who is interested in the construction Spanish.  I thought the program is very affordable.  I ordered it on line and it arrived promptly.
R. Marvel – Dallas, TX

- We have always been pleased with the materials.  We have held courses for teachers, healthcare, and banking.  We are working with managers in the manufacturing area to begin offering courses for that industry segment.   You continue to upgrade the texts, and we have received outstanding reviews from students who have taken the course. 
R.Payton – LeTourneau University (TX)

- We were very satisfied with the Customer Service Training manual and the Workplace Spanish program in general.  We learned of the program through our local community college.  The materials came in a timely manner and it was very easy to order.  Yes, we absolutely would recommend this program to others.
D. Vendetti – Newport Housing Authority (RI)

- As the Continuing Education and Workforce Development Department, we use your materials with local business teaching Spanish to the English speaking employees   The companies like the program.  Your shipping and delivery is timely and we appreciate that a great deal. 
J. Rich – Chandler-Gilbert Community College (AZ)

We just finished the Banks and Credit Unions course, and they LOVED it!  We have also scheduled 2 more WPS classes for the months of March and May.  People are really interested, and I am excited to keep it going.  Thank you for getting in touch with me, you folks always have such great customer service!
J. Luque – Cornerstones Career Learning Center (SD)

- I have gone thru the Workplace Spanish books and they are great!  They are put together in a very "user friendly" format.  I am an RN that works in the ER and also OB and my husband is a Firefighter/Paramedic.  We are both going to use these books and have shown them around at work and co-workers are impressed with them, too.  
J. Hintz, RN – Lowden, IA

- We started using your materials beginning with the Workplace Spanish for the Courts.  Seventeen judges "stayed after work" and took this program, voluntarily!  One of the judges asked our instructor to assist with preparing (the script) for a wedding!!!
L. Norris – Waubonsee Comm. College (IL)

- Workplace Spanish helps me everyday to communicate with my customers. I am able to get patient information and give most directions in Spanish. The program was an excellent purchase. I  recommend it to any person that is frustrated by a Spanish language barrier. It's to the point and has you communicating instantly.  I also have Rosetta Stone (our note: Rosetta Stone® is a registered trademark of Rosetta Stone LLC) Berlitz and some others. Your program has been the most helpful for my job. 
B. Shirley – Lake Park, GA

- Si, estoy muy alegre con su programa!  I have recommended the program to several people.  Everyone is impressed with what I have learned and so am I.  I have also spoken to my Spanish co-worker in there language and their response is usually, muy bien, excellente.
C. Jones – Westwego, LA

 - The curriculum and books look fantastic. I'm so glad I don't have to develop this course myself! Hopefully we will be implementing this course at the high school in the Fall.  This course offering will be reaching a whole new segment of students. Administration is very excited.
R. Faust – Northland Pines High School (WI)

- The Western Nevada Community College Workforce Development Center has just recently completed Workplace Spanish for Customer Service with a telecommunications company, and is currently in the planning stages to possibly provide Workplace Spanish for the local Sheriff's Department. The Communications instruction was very successful ... from the evaluations and personal communication with involved personnel, the class was a great success.  Your books are easy to follow, and students expressed their thankfulness for the availability of the CD to assist them with the language. Our trainer was also very pleased with how they worked out. 
G. Dugan – Western Nevada Comm. College

- Found this program very helpful.  As a matter of fact, our instructor thought it was a great investment and is considering using this for future classes for Spanish for health care professionals.  Felt it is well worth the money and can be used as a tax write off for education.  I have recommended it and will continue to.
L. Johnson RN, CMSRN - Carrboro, NC

- All my dealings with your staff have been first-rate- everyone is eager to help and give us the best in customer service.  We certainly appreciate it!” 
A. Capshaw – Collin County Comm. College (TX)

- Workplace Spanish is a pleasure to work with . . . we are very satisfied with Workplace Spanish.  I have recommended your services and will certainly be happy to tell you story to other colleges.
B. Allbee - Eastern Iowa Comm. College District

- We are satisfied with our purchase…I think it is a good investment because it helps “round up” what non-Spanish speakers need to learn to communicate with Hispanics.  
H. Lee - Central State Bank (IA)

- We have used this book (Manufacturing) with a previous class and received very positive feedback from the students.  I would recommend your company to my colleagues.  Everyone that I have been in contact with there has been very professional and helpful.
K. Hawkins – Corning Cable Systems (IN)

The feedback that I have received has all been very positive…The materials will meet our training needs…Those that have worked with the material have been pleased.   Some have commented very positively in regard to the CD being a great help.
J. Johnson - Hampton Citizens Unity Comm. (VA)

- Workplace Spanish was a BIG HIT…we sold all we ordered and ordered more and they all sold as well…You have a winner.
J. Tesch - Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

- In June Workplace Spanish conducted a Train the Trainer session for 13 of our associates who will be doing internal Spanish training in the customer service area.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the session was lively, focused and involving.  Lots of demonstrations, lots of give & take between the session leader and the instructor candidates.  They were impressed, and excited that Spanish training can be fun, not tedious.  We can’t wait to get going!
R. Villar - Lucent Technologies (GA)

- Books are working well ... interaction with those who speak Spanish on the floor is helpful.
P.B. Witt Industries (IN)

- Helped with our visit to a Mexican fire station in Huatulco in April 2006.  We passed the book back and forth between the U.S. firefighters and the Mexican firefighters…I feel that I got my money’s worth and the subject matter was well organized.  I would definitely recommend it to others who might travel.
R. Staroscsak - Firefighter

"Thank you for the quick turn around we received on our order. It is really a pleasure working with someone that has Customer Service first.
J. Craig, Heart of Georgia Technical College (GA)

- I am an instructor of Spanish for the Trades at Williamson Free School for the Mechanical Trades.  I use Workplace Spanish in the classroom and find it very successful. I am overall very pleased with Workplace Spanish and believe my students will be successful in applying the material in the future.
K. Kelly, Williamson Free School, Media, PA

- Police Spanish, is the greatest investment I've made in a long time. It is good to see people like you coming up with these great ideas to make our job easier.   Thanks again. I'm looking forward to seeing future products from Workplace Spanish, Inc.
Officer D. McGraw, Rush, KY

- As we looked at Spanish training products, we found Workplace Spanish to be the most extensive program on the market.  We found the Workplace Spanish staff to be very flexible, particularly in helping us to meet the specific needs of our client.
C. Saylor, Iowa One Source Training

- I was attending an American Bankers Association Conference. Several other states have been looking for an easy way to train front line personnel in Spanish, without the time/expense and length of time it would take to become fluent.  I told them about Workplace Spanish.  I am convinced after 2 years of researching the market, you are the best.
E. Canales, Georgia Bankers Association

- We would highly recommend your product. It was the first time our instructor/teacher had used your material (Supervisors) and she was impressed with it as well. It was well worth the Company's investment.
J. Thompson,  QuebecorWorld, Inc. (KY)

- The sample was fabulous – my corporate client signed a contract with us for instruction services.
B.Allbee - Eastern Iowa Comm. College Dist.

- Frank Phillips College completed its first Workplace Spanish course.  Our client was very pleased with the class and material presented.
P. Haddan, Frank Phillips College, Borger, TX

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