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- Why learn Spanish? - How do I use Workplace Spanish® for self-study?
- What is Workplace Spanish®? - Where do I find a Workplace Spanish® class?
- Do I have to learn grammar? - How long are classes in Workplace Spanish®?
- How is academic Spanish different? - Can I download your learning programs?
- Which type of Spanish should I study? - Do you do offer custom programs?
- Why does the audio use two speakers? - Do you license your programs?
- Can I play audio on my Smartphone? - What is your return policy?

Why learn Spanish?
The Hispanic population of the United States has more than doubled in the past ten years.  Hispanics now account for over 16% of the US population – that's more than 50 million people.  As we just saw in the 2012 presidential election, the Hispanic community is a force to be reckoned with. 

Learning relevant Spanish, especially in your workplace, will build teamwork and customer loyalty, reduce accidents and mistakes, and enable medical & governmental organizations to offer higher levels of service.

What is Workplace Spanish®?
Workplace Spanish® is a series of job-specific Spanish learning programs (Englis

h learning programs too!) that are designed to enable basic, effective communication, in Spanish, without having to learn the entire language" in the traditional way.

Our materials contain both workplace and conversational expressions.  Each program contains meeting & greeting phrases, time & timing, days of the week, etc. that you expect in a "conversational" program.  They also include
the key terms & expressions, organized by topic, that are critically important for a specific occupation or industry. 

Do I have to learn grammar?
Rather than having to learn grammar, complex rules, verb conjugations, etc., you learn by identifying and repeating selected terms and expressions that are important to communicating at work.  By narrowing the scope of language that you need to learn, it is much easier to master important Spanish terminology. 

Academic Spanish Differences
Studying academic
Spanish requires learning all the elements of the language – vocabulary, grammar, rules, conjugation, etc.  This is important if proficiency or fluency in the language is your objective.  It takes a great deal of time and study to become proficient in a language — most experts state that it takes 4 to 5 years of study and practice to become fluent.

Which type should I study?
Only you can determine your needs.  Certainly, becoming fluent or proficient in Spanish can be very beneficial.  Key factors in determining your goals are your actual language needs and the time, effort and cost you must devote to materials and study. 

If your objective is fluency or proficiency, by all means take the steps to learn the Spanish language in one of the more traditional ways.  However, if your needs are more basic and revolve around work communication, then Workplace Spanish® is right for you.

Is Spanish difficult to learn?
Compared to French, German and the Asian languages, it's much easier.  There are many similarities between Spanish and English -- and thanks to the growth of the Hispanic population and the many Mexican restaurants in the US, you already somewhat familiar with Spanish terms & pronunciation.

How do I use Workplace Spanish® programs for self-study?

  • The first step is to look through the manual to understand its organization.  It's divided into 5 sections beginning with learning tips & pronunciation.  Read through the learning and culture tips so you begin to get a feel for how to this new material.

  • Follow our "Golden Rules" suggestions to get the best results.  Select the topics you want to learn in order of importance to you.  Ignore topics that you don't need – leave them for later learning or reference.  You don't need to learn everything in the manual.

  • The second step is to master Spanish pronunciation. Read that section in your manual while listening to the audio CD.  Go over Spanish pronunciation until you gain confidence and and are comfortable with the vowel and consonant pronunciations.  Use the examples in the manual and on the CD.

  • After pronunciation, start on the key topics and expressions that you absolutely HAVE TO KNOW!  Work on these one at a time -- repeating frequently until are comfortable and confident.  Listen to the material on the CD – if you are a newcomer to Spanish, repeat them with the American speaker who pronounces them "phonetically". 

  • The biggest mistake people make is trying to say everything too quickly!  At this early stage, don't strive for perfection – strive for becoming good enough to be understood!  So slow down.  Even if you have to drag a word or phrase out, and repeat it a couple times, you'll be understood – your goal is to communicate in basic Spanish – you don't need to be perfect.

  • Read through the Practice Conversations that cover scenarios you would find in your workplace.  Listen to them on the audio CD while reading, so you get the flow of the interaction.  Try repeating the Spanish part of the conversation aloud with the CD.

  • The "Drills for Skills" can be used to test your knowledge.  But above all, practice aloud!  The biggest hurdle most newcomers to Spanish have is gaining the confidence to "say it in Spanish" -- so repeat, repeat, repeat until you are comfortable speaking Spanish aloud.

Why does your audio use both a native and an American speaker?

  • Our audio CD's are unique in that we use BOTH a native speaker and a non-fluent American speaker to pronounce the Spanish terms and phrases.  The American speaker pronounces the Spanish phonetically and at a slower pace making it easier for newcomers to understand.

  • In our classes, we have watched well over 1,000 students, from all types of occupations, struggle to replicate the sounds made by a native speaker.  We determined that newcomers to Spanish learned much faster listening to an American pronounce the Spanish "phonetically", rather than trying to imitate the native speaker.

  • Typically this is very helpful to those new to Spanish, although we have heard some complaints from traditional instructors that we are not teaching "perfect pronunciation."  Our goal is NOT perfect pronunciation; it's to help you communicate in Spanish so you are understood.

Can I play the audio CD tracks on your Smartphone, iPod or MP3 player?

Absolutely.  Just as you would "rip" tracks from a music CD, you can rip our tracks and convert to MP3 or iTunes format:

  • You need to use music player software like Windows Media Player, iTunes or Real Player

  • Follow the instructions in your software to "rip" the tracks into the format of your choice

  • You can rename the tracks and choose the quality level from your media player software

  • Save the ripped tracks to a folder on your PC and download using your devices instructions

We also sell our audio programs in downloadable MP3 format for iPod, SmartPhones, etc. 

Where do I find a Workplace Spanish® class?

In the metro Atlanta area, we offer customized group classes for companies and government organizations (sorry - no open enrollment classes).  Contact us for details or visit our class information pageOutside the metro Atlanta area, please contact one of the many language schools and colleges that teach our programs across the country.

How long are typical classes?

College or group classes in Workplace Spanish® generally range from a minimum of 12 hours to a max of   24 hours depending on the type of program and objectives of the group or organization.  Generally, we recommend that classes be 2-hours in length and, if possible, meet twice a week. 

Can I download your learning programs?

Yes, our learning manuals are available in a PDF eBook format which can be downloaded and used on Tablets & SmartPhones as well as a PC.  The matching audio tracks can be download in MP3 format.

Do you offer custom programs?

Yes, we can combine programs to develop a customized program (e.g., a combined program for Supervisors and Human Resources) -- OR -- we can develop a completely customized program that meets the specific needs of an organization. 

Do you license your programs to organizations?

Yes, we will license our standard programs or a custom program to an organization.  It can be printed as needed, put on the organizations network and added to locally.  It's very economical.



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