workplace spanish workplace spanish
workplace spanish workplace spanish

Workplace Spanish® is cost-effective way for government associates & professionals to attain basic Spanish skills without a long learning curve.  Materials are well-organized, concise and easy-to-use – they are excellent for both class training and self-study
  • Designed for “basic, effective Spanish communication” without long periods of study.  No grammar to learn, no rules to memorize, no prior Spanish training necessary.
  • More than 25,000 government associates have trusted our materials to break through the language barrier in their communities.
  • Conserve training expense - for larger groups, we can license you to print our materials and install them on your network. 
  • Our eBook & Audio download materials are a "budget friendly" way to purchase learning materials. They can be used on Tablets, SmartPhones, and PCs.



- City & County Government - a customer service program for local government services

- Code Enforcement - for building & fire inspectors to monitor & enforce local codes

- Corrections Officers -  for correctional and detention officers and facilities 

- Court Systems - for court administrators and staff who "run the system"

- Firefighters & EMS - for fire and rescue personnel including 911 dispatchers

- Human Resources - for a wide range of HR activities from interviewing to benefits

- Law Enforcement - an outstanding program developed by officers who are in the field everyday 

- Lotteries - for promotion of state lottery sales to retailers and lottery players

- Teachers & School Administrators - for K12 teachers & school administrators