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Workplace Spanish® learning kits help you cut through Spanish / English language barriers.  They provide concise, relevant, and easy-to-use learning tools for basic, effective communication.  Designed for newcomers to Spanish, there is no grammar to learn nor complex rules to memorize.  Our learning tools utilize
"bite-size" terms and phrases for both general and specific workplace communication.  No prior Spanish training is necessary.

Most learning kits includes these 3 components:

  • A written learning manual with both job-specific and conversational terms & phrases

  • A companion audio CD - for listening in car, stereo, PC, etc.

  • A companion Click It® CD-ROM for PC use (exclusive to Workplace Spanish®)


1.  Workplace Spanish® Learning Manuals

Concise, job-specific, and perfect for self-study or class training, our learning manuals are the core of our Learning Kits.  Depending on the specific program, they contain 45 to 75 pages and from 500 to over 1,000 terms & expressions.  Each manual is organized into 5 sections:

  1. Introduction & Pronunciation Guide

  2. Spanish Topics & Expressions - Translations & Phonetic Pronunciations

  3. Practice Conversations - to get the feel of back & forth conversation

  4. "Drills for Skills" Quiz Section

  5. Alphabetical Keyword List or Glossary

Learn more about our manuals and how easy they are to use.


 2.  Workplace Spanish® Audio CDs

Each learning kit includes a companion audio CD that compliments the manual and includes:

  • Learning suggestions & Pronunciation Guide
  • job-specific Spanish topics & terms from the manual
  • practice conversations from the manual

The CDs play in your car or truck, PC, anywhere music CDs can be used.  Using the appropriate software, the tracks can be ripped and converted for iPod or MP3 use. 

Workplace Spanish® CDs are unique – they include BOTH a native speaker pronouncing the Spanish expressions AND an American speaker pronouncing them phonetically. 

After watching many people struggle trying to replicate the sounds of a native speaker,  we decided that "phonetic pronunciations" make it much easier for a newcomer – you may not sound like a native speaker -- but you definitely will be understood. 


Click to hear a brief excerpt

3.  Click It® CD-ROMs - exclusively from Workplace Spanish®

Our Click It® CD-ROMs help you become an "instant Spanish speaker".  Just look up an expression in English, then click on it to hear the Spanish and phonetic pronunciations spoken aloud.  Simply learn & repeat the expression -- nothing could be easier.

It will save you hours of time and frustration looking through manuals or dictionaries, then wondering how to correctly pronounce the Spanish words.  It requires Adobe Reader version 6.0 through 9.5 to hear the pronunciations. 

NOTE: -- if you cannot play the sounds, click for troubleshooting tips.  Due to limitations with Adobe Reader mobile software, you can view the document but cannot play the sounds on iPads, tablet PCs or Smartphones. 

Try the Health Care Click It® sample


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