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Workplace Spanish® Publicity

Workplace Spanish, Inc. develops and markets America's most widely-used brand of job-specific language learning materials.  The company's Spanish, and English, learning materials are used for self-study, class training and as computer based resources for on-the-job reference.  More than 400 colleges and schools across the country have chosen Workplace Spanish® programs for workforce development and adult education in their local communities.

Markets for Workplace Spanish® learning materials are very diverse and include organizations of all sizes in business and industry, government, health care and education.

Founded in 1998, we have grown to become a key resource enabling organizations to improve language communication in the workplace.  This often results in better teamwork and productivity as well as enhanced morale and customer loyalty.  Please see our customer list for names of organizations that have used our products.  Visit our college & school list for organizations that offer Workplace Spanish® training.

For a list of our learning programs, please click here.

Company Background Information & Fact Sheet

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