workplace spanish workplace spanish
workplace spanish workplace spanish
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Trademark Information

PROPER USE OF OUR TRADEMARKS — "Workplace Spanish" and "Click It"

1. Workplace Spanish® -- Registration # 3858443 -- The term  "Workplace Spanish" as applied to printed articles, namely, course materials, printed cards, printed reference sheets, CDs, audiotapes, booklets, and books featuring the translation of English to Spanish language words and Spanish to English language words is a registered trademark of our company.

2. Click It® -- Registration # 3490895 -- The term "Click It" as applied to manuals and books recorded on computer media containing text, image and multimedia components, namely optical discs (CDs or DVDs) all for use with the translation of English words to foreign language words and foreign language words to English language words.

Workplace Spanish logo with trademark

Click It logo with trademark

text:  Workplace Spanish®
text:  Click It®

Both terms when used with our materials, or with learning programs based on our materials, must contain the proper trademark logo and symbol.

If you have any questions about the use of our trademarks, please contact us.

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