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workplace spanish workplace spanish


We use professional translators who have passed certification tests from the American Translators Association, selected colleges, state courts, etc.  Your document goes through a 3-step process to insure accuracy:

  1. It is translated by a certified translator
  2. Then it is then proofread by another translator
  3. Lastly it is edited in a third review

OUR GUARANTEE - If you find our translation to be inaccurate, we will re-translate the document at no charge and return it to you promptly.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the languages, the technical complexity and how quickly you need it. We charge by the word in the "target" language. For an estimate, e-mail us at "". Attach your document in an electronic format (Word file, Text file, etc.), and we will respond to you with questions and a quote.

Don't make the mistake of trying to save a few dollars by using translation software or free internet translation services - the results could be disastrous.

Click here to compare a professional translation vs. a software translation!


Common Translation Projects:

Getting your message across in the language of your employees or customers is critical to your business. How much could mistakes or misunderstandings cost your company?

  • Employee Orientation & Policy Manuals
  • Training & Procedure Instructions
  • Technical Documents
  • Simplified Benefit Explanations
  • Announcements and Newsletters
  • Legal Agreements
  • Product Packaging & Labeling
  • Store, Office or Plant Signs

Workplace Spanish® Programs in other languages . . .

Workplace Spanish® began as a travel language company creating pocket-size travel language cards in 12 languages.  As members of the Atlanta Association of Interpreters & Translators, and through our affiliation with an outstanding translation company, we have a talented pool of certified translators and interpreters available to us in virtually any language.

If you need a workplace learning program in a language other than Spanish, we can develop a customized program for you. E-mail or call us at (770) 993-4075 to discuss your needs.

workplace spanish