workplace spanish workplace spanish
workplace spanish workplace spanish

     Learning Kit includes Manual, Audio CD
and Click It® CD-ROM


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Better English Skills = More Valuable Employees

Our "Trabajadores" programs are designed to help Hispanic workers increase their English capability.  Developed from the workers' perspective they are applicable to virtually any industry. 

Learning materials are non-academic and are used for both class training and self-study.  They have three primary objectives:

  1. To introduce the basics of "Workplace English" – pronunciation, meeting & greeting,  common everyday expressions, and basic workplace cultural differences.

  2. To help Spanish-speakers become more valuable employees by gaining greater understanding of English instructions, safety guidelines, on-the-job directions, tools, tasks and more.

  3. To empower Spanish-speaking employees by helping them learn English expressions that will promote a better work experience, such as asking about pay and benefits, learning to report accidents and injuries, or calling in to report illness or an unplanned absence.





workplace spanish