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Workplace Spanish® is a small company that specializes in easy-to-use Spanish learning materials for specific occupations.  Our materials are non-academic (no grammar) and can be used for both class training & self-study. 

Rather than studying "the whole language" users learn specific terms, questions & expressions that are commonly spoken with customers, co-workers or citizens in their daily occupation.

We work hard to provide responsive, friendly customer service.  Please call or email if we can help.  Visit our customer list.


You DON'T have to be fluent to -- Communicate Effectively !

Workplace Spanish® Learning Materials . . .

  • Job-Specific Phrases for your occupation & Basic Expressions for Everyday Conversation

  • No grammar to learn / No alphabet to memorize

  • Well-organized, easy to use / Designed for newcomers to Spanish

Avoid "Communication Frustration"

  • Learn only what you will use - no need to learn "the whole language"

  • Build teamwork - morale - efficiency

  • Improve customer service - patient care - supervision

Workplace Spanish® since 1998

  • 100,000+ users in government - health care - business & industry

  • Thousands of consumers learning on their own

  • Over 400 colleges have used our materials for adult education & corporate training

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More than 100,000 people have trusted Workplace Spanish® for basic Spanish job-specific communication skills.  Responsiveness is our hallmark.  Read comments from our customers